Friday, September 07, 2007

Moving and other news

I'm pretty sure most of you have probably heard our big news, but I thought I'd make an official statement here to confirm any rumors that may still be circulating -- yes, we are moving to North Dakota.

Wade got a terrific job with Midcontinent Communications, a cable company dealing in phone, tv and internet cable services. He'll be doing maintenance, upgrades and repairs on the main network of cable in the towns of Hetttinger, Mott and Reeder, and he'll do some home installation. He's very excited.

We also bought a house there in Hettinger, population somewhere between 1300 and 2000. There are a few pictures below.
We're both really excited about the move, but heartbroken about leaving our family, church and friends here, especially the Saturday night crew. It's such a confusing emotion to be excited and horrified by something both at the same time.

Wade starts work there on Sept. 19 and will come back to move the kids and I out the first weekend in October. Please pray for us while we pack and live apart for a few weeks and move and drive and drive and drive.

This is our house from the outside. It was a church up until about three years ago, and it still looks like it on the outside. The yard will be quite the project for this gardener.

There is a small balcony area above the master bedroom and this picture of the kitchen and dining area was taken from up there.

This one of the living room was also taken from the master balcony. The stairs lead to two bedrooms for the boys and a bathroom.

There's also a full unfinished basement where we'll hide out during tornadoes and stay cool during the 110-degree summer days.

In other news, since our last blog update we've also gone camping a few more times, Wade and I flew to Whitehorse in Canada's Yukon Territory for a friend's wedding and Wade and I did a three-day hike over Hannegan Pass and down part of the Copper Ridge Trail during the long Labor Day weekend. All were great, but sorry, I don't have time to upload pics of them all. Maybe later.