Monday, May 26, 2008

Out of breath but gaining ground

Help, I'm falling behind and am too busy to catch back up! Okay, so here's a little catch-up...

BIRTHDAYS! Levi and Luke turned 5 on May 8! At their requests, Levi had a boat cake and Luke had a raccoon cake, both delicious (thanks Betty Crocker, or was it Pillsbury?).

Grandpa and Grandma were here on May 7 as they traversed on to Boston, so we celebrated a day early with them. The boys were pretty psyched about their news balls, bats and hats (I don't have pictures of them playing because I was manning the video camera for that kind of action!).

A few days later we celebrated again with Nana and Papa, and the boys rode many miles around in circles in the basement on their new bikes until we took them to the park for a pleasant evening ride around the lake.

Another fun birthday picture -- Levi got all duded up to use his new goggles and floaty noodle (unfortunately we didn't actually go swimming that day).

This past Memorial Day weekend we spent at Trail's End Ranch in Ekalaka, Mont., celebrating the camp's 30th anniversary reunion. Wade attended camp there many summers as a boy and also helped out there as a counselor. He hadn't been back in 10 years, so it was high time for him, and time for the rest of us to see the camp (and meet the people) that hold such a special place in his heart.

Luke was particularly fond of watching the horses, but wasn't quite brave enough to ride. "Maybe when I'm 7," he told us. He was the only one of the brothers brave enough to actually pet Maggie, a very gentle but large camp horse.

Levi's camp favorite was the zipline, which he's riding here with Daddy. Riding the zipline involves harnessing up, then pulling a rope up a very long, steep hill to a small platform where you're latched securely to a pulley thing, and then sent sailing 500 feet across the camp at a height of 50-or-so feet above the ground. He loved it!

Isaac's favorite was the big swing, which also involves wearing a harness, climbing onto a hillside platform, hooking up to a very long rope secured high in the trees, then stepping off the platform and swiiiiiiiinging way out over the hillside. He did it again and again and again....

On the way back home we stopped at Medicine Rocks State Park which was also very cool! We spent an hour or so hiking around, climbing on and gaping at the amazing scenery. We could have spent days (and hopefully some day will), but we were tired and en route home, but still had time for lots of fun pictures. Here, Isaac in a crevasse.

Luke found a cozy place to curl up.

Levi (in the hat) and Luke, brothers and buddies.

Four boys very happy to be outside exploring, playing and generally have a spectacular time.