Monday, August 20, 2012

When the mom's away...

This is what Wade does when I'm gone for a few days.

This is what Nick does when I'm gone for a few days.

This is what the green beans do when I'm gone for a few days.

I think I should go away more often!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Crumbs of Summer

Summer -- the school break, not the weather -- is nearing its end, and I am savoring it like the last bites of a sliver of cherry cheesecake -- so sweet, so satisfying, so excruciatingly small, disappearing so very rapidly.

It's been a good summer.  Relaxing and productive and entertaining.  Camping, gardening, visiting, even a little bit of schooling.  Evening games of hide-and-seek in the yard and gooey s'mores around the campfire.  Good reads with the boys and on my own.  A quickly filling pantry.

But I admit, I'm getting full -- not uncomfortably full, contentedly full.  The break from routine is delightful, but without a routine to break from, what novelty is the break?  So as I revel in these last bites, weeks, days, I'm not entirely sad that it'll soon be gone.  Wistful, perhaps, but not sad.  But oh, how I'm enjoying these last remaining crumbs!