Friday, July 31, 2009

And I Quote...

While working in the garden Isaac asked if I would pay him for his help. I said no, but he continued to ask about it -- "How about five cents? How about three cents?" and on and on. Finally Luke responded, "Isaac, money won't make you happy. Only God's love will." You preach it, Lukey!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

High Dive Daredevils

Last weekend Wade and I took the boys to the Bowman pool. Isaac says, "I'll go off the high diving board if you do." I answer, "No way! I'll go off it if you do," not really thinking he'll dare. He dared. I didn't. I had to apologize for not keeping my word to my seven year old son.

This act of bravado of course inspired Levi. He walked to the end of the high dive and peered over the edge, then slowly backed away from it... only to get a running start for his flying leap!

Here is a video of first Isaac and then Levi on the high dive. Crazy kids.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kenner & Karen's Wedding

As previously noted, we spent a week on the Oregon Coast and we have over 200 photos as evidence. We also spent a week in Washington, but have only a few dozen photos to prove it. It's not that Washington isn't as scenic or exciting -- quite the opposite! But with all the wedding excitement -- helping prepare the food for the rehearsal dinner, preparing for and hosting the pre-wedding brunch, the rehearsal, wedding day hair appointments and photo shoots and of course the wedding itself -- little time was had to spend clicking. Almost all the pictures we have are from the wedding day, so that's what you're going to see here; and sadly I didn't even get one really great one of Kenner & Karen together (the official photographer was quite busy doing that)! The one of the two of them you'll see below I actually stole from April's facebook (sorry/thanks April!).

Karen Jane soon-to-be-DeWaard-- the bride!

Kris and I with Kenner

We sure like him a lot better now than we did 20 years ago! You wouldn't have caught us kissing him then :)

The bell-ringers announcing the coming of the bride.

Here she comes!

And there they go (photo courtesy of April).

Stunning Mount Baker

Wade and I

And I Quote...

Yesterday the boys had over a friend who has three older sisters. After several hours of having water fights, playing with legos, dressing up as knights and doing general boy fun stuff, he commented, "I think I'd like to live here," to which Isaac replied, "It's not as fun as you think it is. We've got lots of chores." Yeah, they've got it rough.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oregon Coast Report

Our trip to the Oregon Coast and Lynden was fabulous! And now that I've been home a few days, finally finished unpacking and generally recovered from an overload of fun and excitement, I can tell y'all about it. Here is the first installment of pictures covering our week in Lincoln City.

Despite cool temperatures and fairly cloudy skies, the sand and surf still beaconed, especially to the boys.

The lack of sun didn't deter the kite flyers in the family either. Wade, Dad, Derric and the boys were able to get their flying art up a couple times during the week.

Silly silly boys!

Oh dear, Levi lost his head again.

Confession: we are a rather nerdy family (why do you think they let me in?). Between the 14 of us (keep in mind four were age 7 or younger) we had seven laptops, all of which got a lot of use.

One almost rainy day Wade and I took the boys to the aquarium in Newport. Yes, I know, you'd all rather see pictures of the animals, but I'm posting a picture of my boys instead -- I'm certain at least one of them is part monkey anyway!

S'mores on the beach have become a tradition for the clan.

As always, the beach animals were amazing -- starfish, crabs, clams, anemones, snails, gulls.

Look for the Lynden pictures installment coming up in the next few days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Next American Idol

Levi has been singing this made-up song non-stop for a couple days now. Don't ask what the last line is because I'm not even sure he knows what it is! The kid's on his way to stardom :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Birthday Boy

Our "baby" turned four this week... I guess he's not so much of a baby anymore! Grandpa and Grandma arrived on their way home from a wedding in Ohio just in time for birthday dinner (mac'n'cheese -- at his request) and the rest of the celebrations. We intended to do some birthday fireworks but got rained out -- we got to watch a very impressive lightning storm instead! We'll try again with those fireworks tonight.

This year Elijah wanted a duck cake...

... which he helped make!