Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mad skills and pics

Isaac is just over halfway done with his swimming lessons now (6 out of 10) and this evening's lesson was the best so far. He's made remarkable progress in the last two lessons, and his instructor commented tonight on how well he did. He's able to "swim" (I'd almost call it doggy paddling) on his own while holding a floaty thing without needing the instructor to be right next to him or hold on to him -- and Isaac thinks that's the most exciting thing ever. As I was helping him dry and dress afterward I told him what a great job he did, and he commented, "I have mad skills. I have madder skills than some of the other kids." And he's humble too...

And a few more just for fun... Wade reading to his boys

The twins used to climb in the toybox all the time when they were littler, but I hadn't seen them do this in quite awhile. They still fit, but it's a bt of a squeeze.

And Lij looking all angelic with the sun on his head.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Us

Wade and I and my brother celebrated our birthdays last night (Kenner Feb. 9, Wade Feb. 10, me Feb. 11) by having about 25 friends over, enjoying lots of food, playing games and staying up late -- oh wait, that's what we do every Saturday night. But this week we had CAKE! As you can see, the candle light was a bit overwhelming, and actually we didn't have the full 75 candles it would have taken to properly commemorate all three birthdays (which was probably a good thing -- any more would drawn the attention of the local fire department!). Thanks Becky and Jen for bringing the cake, candles and ice cream, and Dave for risking your life lighting the candles!