Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday

Isaac turned six years old on Saturday -- two hands old now! He insisted on waiting until after dinner to open his presents and eat cake (and Wade even offered him cake for breakfast, but noooooo, we all had to wait until after dinner! Crazy kid!).

This is the cake I made for him -- a bit of work, but he was so excited about it so it was totally worth it!

His first glimpse of his super cool cake.

My mom came out for four days to celebrate with us, which we all enjoyed immensely. Here she's reading a bedtime story to Levi and Luke.

Mom and I took the boys to the park one day where they posed with Humpty Dumpty for this fun shot.

'Lijah decided to skip his nap this day and watch TV with his brothers instead... looks like his plan didn't work out entirely like he'd planned!