Sunday, July 27, 2008


Thus far this is the largest hail stone we've seen since moving here, as displayed by Pastor Brad (this actually fell from the sky last month, I just didn't get around to posting it until now).

Summer of Fun

I know, I know -- I've been slacking off again. It's just that summer, with it's long lazy days and restful, relaxing vacations is BUSY! At long last here's an update.

Lijah turned 3 on June 30 -- wow! It's almost like he's a big boy now! Or maybe he really is a big boy and I'm just not ready to admit it.

The boys and I spent just over two weeks in Washington with my parents in July, and Wade joined us there for the second week. We had copious amounts of fun playing games with friends and family, camping at Ross Lake, going to Brian and Kayla's wedding and just hanging out.

Mom and I took the boys to Lynden City Park for a picnic.

Levi, colorful character that he is, got lawn mower rides from Grandpa.

And all the boys got motorcycle rides from Uncle Kenner (I got a motorcycle ride too, but I got a ride on his new street bike, not the dirt bike).

The highlight of the trip was camping at Ross Lake with Dad and Mom. Kenner and Karen, Justin and Jen and Tim and Cami with little Javan were also there for part of the time.

Boat rides were a big hit, as was fishing with Grandpa.

Lij found a great seat.

The boys spent hours catching minnows in nets. The lake was swarming with the little fish which made it easy for the boys to "reel them in" by the netful!

A net full of fishies!

Wade and Justin graciously escorted Kenner out into the lake... still sitting in his lawn chair!

Kenner and Karen... awwwwww.

Luke proudly spelled his name from branches and sticks.

Wade and Levi returning from a walk along the lake.