Thursday, June 30, 2011

Light Show

It's been a beautiful after-dark competition here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Up first were the locals putting on a delightful pre-Fourth of July show. The patters, colors and sounds were delightfully arrayed across the moonless backdrop. However the clear winner here tonight was the second contestant, the Maker of the universe. His astronomical and entirely unpredictable brilliant bolts of beauty joined heaven and earth while breathtakingly illuminating the rumbling underbelly of the clouds. Tune in again Saturday for what looks to be another dazzling display of this evening's -- and this lifetime's -- light show master.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is summer. This is bliss.

The sun almost reached the 100 degree mark in its valiant shining efforts today. Hot, bright, UVA-ray filled happiness fell from the sky in waves of torrid sultriness. And our family spent this glorious day sweating on a blanket at the ball field. Elijah played tee-ball at noon; Isaac, Levi and Luke played coach pitch at 2:30. (We made an ice cream run between games)

Wade sweltered. The boys sizzled. I swooned.

Wade baked. The boys boiled. I basked.

Wade groaned. The boys griped. I grinned.

Okay, I think you get the point. I love summer!

It's days like this that infuse me with the inner warmth I need to keep from freezing solid six months from now when it's 130 degrees colder than it was today. Like animals that stockpile food for the winter or creatures that build up stores of blubber to survive arctic temperatures, I hoard sunshine and heat now to carry me through to another summer.

And I do it with gladness! Give me some sunscreen, a hat and a garden hose and I will revel in the superheated outdoors all day long. Add in a couple glasses of iced tea and I'll do it with a cheesy grin on my face! My body will become one with the heat in such a way, that when I step back into our air-conditioned 75-degree house, I'll need a hoodie to keep warm.

This is summer. This is bliss. Let the thermometer soar.

PS - The snow shovel is still out. If I put it away, I know it will promptly snow. I'm leaving it in plain sight to guarantee a snow-less summer.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gardener in June

With apologies to Marylin Singer, author of Turtle in July --

Hot sun
Hot sun bakes
Burning broiling
But I kneel
Sunscreen shield
Brimmed cap
No sap
Gardener in June

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden Variety

Variety: Son (filius)

Type: Perennial
Zones: All
Sun/Shade: Full or part sun
Water Needs: Regular light watering and occasional heavy dousings

Thrives in sand, clay, mud and just regular dirt too. Water frequently and provide adequate fertilizer.

Typically reaches five-and-a half to six-and-a-half feet in 14 to 18 years. Longevity can reach 100 years in some cases. Needs regular light pruning.

Remarkably hardy, but does best when treated tenderly.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer at Last!

Levi has been waiting anxiously for the first summer day to break 80 degrees.

Eighty degrees is the official sprinkler temp.

This is a great game called "Try to get the bucket over the sprinkler without getting wet."

This is a not so great game called "Try to get mom wet while she's holding the camera."

And since my lilacs aren't quite blooming yet (I can almost smell them), I'll bask in the summer aroma of sunscreen. I love that smell.