Thursday, March 22, 2007

We're putting it to a vote

After much discussion, Wade and I decided to ask y'all what your opinions are on the relationship between Tootie Rolls and chocolate -- are Tootsie Rolls chocolate, are they a chocolate flavored candy, is there no connection at all between the two or do you have another theory on the matter?
Help us out here.

Monday, March 19, 2007

New pictures

I updated the boy's photos recently and thought I'd share them here for those of you who didn't get one for your wallet or who don't come to our house and see them on the wall.

Isaac, 5, who still thinks his full name is Isaac James Fox Howard ("I'm the fox that looks like a people, but when I grow up I'll just be a people.")

Levi, 4 in May, who loves getting his picture taken so much that he stood still for like three minutes for me! Pretty impressive for a human whirlwind.

Luke, also almost 4, who recently named his baby Chocolatechippy (his "baby" is a Beanie Baby raccoon) and even makes sure I take care of Chocolatechippy when he goes outside to play.

Elijah, 20 months, who still speaks no English but loves to help set the table, put away toys and try to do everything his older brothers do.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yes, we are already mowing the lawn. I came home wednesday(March 7) to a freshly mowed lawn. Coming from the midwest, it always blows me away how early in the year we start to mow here. The thing is that it rains so much this time of year that we kinda need to mow whenever we get a may be a month before we get another dry day.