Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Sister's Wedding

Kristin and Jonathan were united in marriage on July 7, 2007 in a picture-perfect outdoor wedding at my parent's home. God heard all our prayers for beautiful weather and answered them with an evening that was sunny but not overly hot with a dazzling view of majestic Mount Baker in the background. Of course all that paled in comparison with the radiance of the bride and the glow of the groom.

Lest I mislead, there were several minor (maybe not so minor) crises that arose beforehand (one of the groomsmen wasn't able to make it because of a funeral; their reserved honeymoon suite was suddenly unavailable just days before the wedding; the cake decorator called the day before the wedding saying the cake would cost twice what Kris was originally quoted; and the manicurist butchered Kris' nails -- thankfully they still looked beautiful thanks to an ingenious bit of work that didn't require any fake parts). But despite all that, the wedding itself pulled off without a hitch (oh wait, the candles wouldn't light because of a slight breeze) and was probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen (of course I'm not biased, I mean, I was the matron of honor, how could I possibly be biased?!?).

The happy couple eating cake.

The arch bedecked in gladiolus perfectly framed Mount Baker.

Me and my sister.

Lincoln City, 2007

The always fabulous, ever fun and decidedly wonderful Howard family trip to Lincoln City, Oregon was, well, all that. Every two or three years Wade's family gets together at a beach house on the Oregon coast for a week of reunion and relaxing. This year we were 14 -- Dad and Mom, Derric and Amanda, Joel and Betsy (uncle and aunt from Idaho), their two daughters Mitzi and Abbey, and the six of us. It was a wonderful vacation and so good to catch up and get reacquainted with those we don't get to see often enough.

Besides the adventures shown below, there were also long walks on the beach, an awesome fireworks show, hours of kite flying, eating out and feasting in, games every night, lots of tickles for Mitzi and Abbey (and I have to live with him, girls!), building a dam and diverting a river (okay, a small stream) and trying desperately to finish a 1000-piece photomosaic puzzle (it didn't quite happen, those things are hard!).

We celebrated Elijah's 2nd birthday the day we arrived. Hats and cake for all!

Isaac flew a kite for the first time (and only let it go once -- thankfully I was able to catch it again!).

Isaac, Levi and Luke got the biggest kick out of running from the surf.

Wade, Mitzi, Abbey and I went boogie-boarding a couple days - lots of fun if you don't count the nearly washed out to sea experience!

Lots of sand, lots of beach toys, lots of sunscreen... lots of fun.

The boys enjoying some of Lij's birthday presents, new books, on Papa's lap.