Monday, August 10, 2015

Conversations with God

I was sitting on the back steps this morning complaining to God about our little foster boy who is so naughty and annoying and mean and makes life just so unpleasant.

“Lord, he was so naughty yesterday that I woke up irked at him today!  He’s such a putz.  He doesn’t listen and he doesn’t learn.  I can’t let him out of my sight, but I’m sick of him always being IN my sight.  My own kids don’t even want to be around me because HE is always around me and is such a pest to them!  He’s making everything so hard and onerous.  Can’t you just FIX him?”


“Kerri, I’ve got a job for you,” God answered.

“A job for me?  Of course!  I’m happy to do whatever you want, Lord.  How can I serve you?”

“It’s a tough job, an inconvenient job.”

“I’m up for it.  Anything for you, Lord.”

“It’s going to be unpleasant and require sacrifice, but I will give you the grace you’ll need.”

“Awesome.  What is it.”

“Love this little boy.  Teach him.  Be kind and gentle, yet firm and consistent.  Be playful and affectionate while showing him how to respect authority.  And be patient with him.  Long-sufferingly patient with him.”



“Okay, Lord.  Here goes.  But you’d better have an awful lot of that grace on hand.”

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